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MANDATED MSHA Certification Training Course

Just-In-Time-Training ("JITT") for your entire team!

(Part 46 Aggregate, 48B Surface)

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CSEM is a JITT or “Just-In-Time-Training” company. Institutional training has a lack of convenience and in many cases is non-responsive. Companies miss opportunities they would otherwise be able to exploit. CSEM offers both immediate and long-term benefits for all your compliance training needs. With authorized Outreach instruction trainers CSEM provides the necessary training, (5000-23), for you to meet all your compliance needs.

MSHA Goals

The primary goal of MSHA aka Mine Safety and Health Administration is to promote safe and healthful work environments for the nation’s miners by preventing death, disease, and injury from mining; where non-compliance issues are found, fines and citations may be issued.

In accordance with The Mine Act, two times a year or more, MSHA inspectors are required to inspect each surface mine. Underground mines are to be inspected four times a year (seasonal or irregular operations require less frequent inspections) to conclude whether there is compliance with health and safety standards or with any citation, order, or decision issued under The Mine Act and whether an imminent danger exists. Should any violations of safety or health standards be found, MSHA inspectors will issue citations to the mine operators.

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MSHA Training Courses Summary

MSHA Mandated and Approved Training Plan (Written Plan)

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All the training courses above require that companies have a miners ID# and Mandated/ Approved MSHA Training Plan.

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